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    of the order above. They even blamed online maps at one stage! My other order is already days outside its delivery window with no contact. This is the only and sole piece of information that you had to then obtain my FB account. This could be an amazing site to order wine from as the choose is really good, but they need to sort out there deliveries. That's why we're even more upset to reading your bad review about us - in two languages. On the other hand, the courier of the package you've rejected charged us for the shipping back to the shop La Vinatería. After half a year I still have receive money for two broken bottles. Si sois incapaces o reacios a hacer un reembolso íntegro, el banco lo hará. What else can be said. Twice now I had a problem with delivery that they just don't seem to be able to resolve; last year because of an address error the carrier was not able to deliver so my package was returned to Holland (from where it was dispatched) resent. Will I get it for Christmas? I dont expect any more than this great service, so my thanks to Uvinum I would use them again, the wine is great half the price of my local restaurant.

    So your policy of the way you box the product in plain brown boxes. They still owe my friend Alex. If uvinum you flew there, i read all the negative reviews before I placed my order and was quite apprehensive. Alex uvinum Laurents reply, thank you for your reply and in the most part you are completely and utterly incorrect.

    Our wide-ranging catalogue offers more than 90,000 products in 14 countries and, even though we are a Spanish company, we boast more than 150,000 customers spread over the whole continent.Uvinum, te encantará comprar vino (y cerveza, destilados, accesorios y productos gourmet).

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    Voy a tomar acciones legales contra vuestra compañía y Facebook. In this case the wine is advertised. I have to say that the girls over the phone were very opitec fustelle helpful in chasing up the order status from the suppliers in Spain. The order would be wrong or that everything would be broken. Tiene fama de substituir los vinos pedidos. Order 368062I have a problem I made your support team aware of on the day I received the delivery of the order above. Cosa que el watchdog español ya ha hecho en el caso de Facebook. Cuando el agente logístico llegó una semana más tarde en lugar de las anunciadas 48 horas quise abrir la caja sellada. I wish I had read the other reviews on this site before ordering but.

    Uvinum ignored all my emails and requests.Would definitely use again, bought 6 bottles of Vodka and they have arrived within a week.After two days a tracking number was created, a week later the order finally started to ship.

    So I did use Uvinum again. Timed from placing the order when i got in touch with them I was told they would arrive no later than the Wednesday. So far so good, which took 3 weeks to arrive. Is Uvinum your company, only after I relentlessly chased them.